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We're here to help men understand their loved one's cycles better.


Every woman in our lives is a delicate and complicated human being. Nobody is quite the same. Let us help you understand her better.

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Easy to Use

Simple tools walk you through identifying her very unique cycle and provide you feedback and notifications of times to be extra gentle.

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Every free plan comes with the ability to add the woman in your life and receive email notifications during "extra sensitive" times.

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Men, do you have women in your life who you want to try and understand more? Women, do you wish your man would just "get it"? The PMS Monitor for Men is here to help both of you!

The PMS Monitor Features:

  • Tracking women's monthly cycles
  • Quick and clear overview of the "current PMS situation"
  • Identifying extra sensitive times
  • Configurable alerts to warn of upcoming mood changes
  • All for FREE! with the ability to purchase more options.

You know the saying... "A happy wife brings a happy life". Well, why not let us help you take another step in that direction! Sign up for your free account today and start understanding a little more about that wonderful woman in your life.

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Take a positive step in understanding the women in your life for free today! Join the PMS Monitor for Men to receive notifications of sensitive times, and see where in the cycle she is.