About Our service

About the PMS Monitor

Originally begun as a stand-alone mobile app, the PMS Monitor gained some popularity as a great resource for men to understand more clearly the women and their cycles in our lives.

Today, using the web app, you can track and review that same great information in a far more accessible way.

No longer limited to mobile access on Android devices, you can now keep track of your loved one's cycle from anywhere you need it, and receive notifications and warnings anywhere you have email.

Easy to Read
Detailed overview shows exactly where your loved one is in their cycle.

Mobile Friendly
Quickly find out the "current situation" wherever you're at.

Email Notifications
Don't be taken by surprise when critical times come around.

Take a positive step in understanding the women in your life for free today! Join the PMS Monitor for Men to receive notifications of sensitive times, and see where in the cycle she is.